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What kind of course should I create?

    Alison publishes a diverse array of courses spanning various categories. Course Creators should take the following into consideration:

    What is my area of expertise?

    Leverage your strengths; if you have expertise in a specific subject, that should likely be your primary focus. If you excel at research and teaching, you may possess the skills to create a course in a new area for you.

    What do people want to learn about now?

    Take into account the present conditions, both on a global and local scale. The world is evolving rapidly, and people's requirements are also subject to change. We actively seek courses that stay current in all fields, with a particular emphasis on IT.

    Are there any similar courses already on Alison about my chosen subject area?

    Although our focus is on publishing quality rather than quantity, it is beneficial to assess the number of courses available on our platform in your field and their specific focus. This evaluation can assist you in identifying potential gaps to address, rather than entering into direct competition with existing courses.

    Alison courses may include text, video, audio, or a combination of these elements. Learners typically engage positively with mixed media, so whenever feasible, incorporate diverse content options. The minimum duration for an Alison course is 1.5 hours (applicable to short certificate courses), while advanced diploma courses might require up to 30 hours for completion. Alison advises publishers to initiate their course creation journey with a certificate course before progressing to the more extensive diploma format. Here are the general guidelines for course durations:

    Certificate Course

    Duration: 1.5-3 hours

    Assessment: Answer 25 out of a bank of 30 questions

    Advanced Certificate Course

    Duration: 4-7 hours

    Assessment: Answer 35 out of a bank of 50 questions

    Diploma Course

    Duration: 8-15 hours

    Assessment : Formative assessment: answer 20 out of a bank of 40 questions

    Summative: answer 50 out of a bank of 80 questions

    Advanced Diploma Course

    Duration: 15-30 hours


    Assessment: Answer 100 out of a bank of 130 questions

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