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Why does my progress bar not show 100%? I have completed all my modules!

    Start by checking that all modules have actually been completed. If there is a green tick or symbol beside their module name, you know it has been completed.

    Then check that all assessments were fully completed.  If there is a green tick next to the assessment and a score result of at least 80%, you have passed. If there is no score result, or no green tick, you have to re-attempt the assessment again. 

    Once you are certain that all assessments have been fully completed, and all modules have a green symbol signifying completion, you should now have 100% course progress. Please make sure you have fully checked your progress and followed the above instructions before you contact us.

    If your progress still does not read 100%, it may be that your progress score is sluggish to update because you are operating behind a proxy server. Clearing your temporary internet files (cache) can resolve this problem. Information on how to do so can be found here.

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