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How to start a course?

    Alison courses are designed to be self-paced and self-taught. You can begin a course when you're ready and study whenever you have the chance. The duration of your study is entirely your decision.Most Certificate level courses take 2-3 hours to complete and Diploma courses take around 6-15 hours to complete.  

    1. Find the right course for you

    Finding the right course on Alison couldn't be simpler. Everything depends on your interests or needs.

    I want to start new Career

    Alison’s Career Guide is a great way to find relevant courses to help you succeed in your career. Explore the job responsibilities, earning potential and required experience across 900+ exciting career paths and get suggested courses to learn the skills you'll need to succeed!

    Find the career and we will list courses you can study to get started in that career. 


    I want to boost my career

    Finding a course that will help you advance in your career starts with understanding who you are and what makes you unique. Our free Workplace Personality Assessment gives you a simple scientific report of your top skills and strengths. And, it offers personalised course recommendations to help you boost your strengths and work on potential development areas. 


    I know which course I want to study

    There are many options you can use to search for a specific course: 

    • Using the search box

    • Choosing the course by Course Type

    • Choosing the course by Category

    All learning on Alison is free. There is no payment required to enrol and complete any course on Alison and you can download your free Learner Record as proof of the courses you've completed. Once you complete a course, you have the option to purchase a Certificate. The paid Certificates allow us to continue creating courses that anyone, anywhere can access for free.


    1. Enrol in a course

    Select the course you wish to study and click Start Learning


    To enrol in a course and start learning, you need to be registered with Alison. Sign-up now! 

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