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‘Here and Now’ Competency Based Testing

    The proof of the currency of Alison courses is with the employers who recognise the value of the knowledge and skills of learners who pass our assessments. Alison’s system of accreditation allows any employer, anywhere, at any time, to verify what someone knows or does not know at Certificate, Diploma or Learning Path levels. With Alison, employers can instantly review the level of the course someone has done, or even review the entire course. This ‘here and now’ testing enables employers to take the tests that employees have taken, or to watch employees take these same tests again to show the knowledge and skills they have acquired.


    This instantly demonstrates that someone who has an Alison certificate has the skills and knowledge that should come with such a certificate. What this ultimately means is that an Alison certificate represents current and up-to-date competency. An Alison certificate is always current because it can always be challenged by an employer who wishes to test the certificate holder. As such, an Alison certificate serves as a representation of skills and knowledge that the user currently holds.

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