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How do I download my Learner Record?

    All Alison courses are completely free to study and complete. 

    After completing a course, you will be offered the choice to purchase a Certificate or Diploma. View the full price list here

    Paid certificate is completely optional for learners. You can download your free Learner Record showing what courses you have completed with Alison directly from your dashboard. To download your learner record, simply go to Settings and select Download in the Learner Record box, as per the screenshot below:

    To download your free Learner Achievement Verification for a specific course, please do the following:

    • Go to Learner Report page

    • Choose the month when you completed the course:

    • Scroll down. You will see the Your Learning widget.

    • Click on the Learner Verification button, and this will open your Learner Achievement Verification in a new tab, select print option and save as PDF 


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