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Alison Premium overview


    You can start enjoying the benefits of Alison Premium as soon as you have successfully subscribed to it. To do so, you can choose between one of the following options:

    Premium Monthly - €7.99

    • Removes adverts from the whole site for a month.

    Premium for 1 Year - €79

    • Removes adverts from the whole site for a year.

    This amount will be deducted every billing cycle from the payment method you provided when you subscribed to Alison Premium.



    Premium benefits

    When you subscribe to Premium, you can enjoy the following benefits:

    • Experience ad-free learning
    While all Alison learners can access courses for free, Premium subscribers can enjoy an ads-free learning experience throughout the Alison site. 

    • Receive monthly discounts
    As a Premium subscriber, you will receive a 10% discount on a Certificate or Diploma purchase every month. You can view your available discounts in your Account settings anytime. Your 10% discount can be applied in the Alison Shop when you purchase a Certificate or Diploma once you complete a course.

    • Accumulate your discounts and get up to 50% off
    When you receive your 10% discount each month, you can choose to redeem it or let it accumulate. You can then purchase a Certificate or Diploma using your accumulated discounts. For example, if you keep your discounts for 3 months, you can get 30% off on any one product, or if you keep your discounts for 5 months, you can get 50% off on any one product available to you. The maximum discount that can be applied is 50%.

    • Use your discounts whenever you like
    The discounts you receive as a Premium subscriber will never expire, so you can use them anytime. Even if you choose to cancel your subscription, you will never lose the unredeemed discounts you received as a Premium subscriber.

    • Cancel anytime
    With Alison Premium, there is no minimum term, so you can cancel your subscription anytime. You can still enjoy the benefits of being a Premium subscriber until the end of your current billing cycle, i.e. for the rest of the month that you have already paid. After cancelling, we will send you an email to confirm the cancellation and let you know until when you can still enjoy the benefits.



    Subscribe to Premium

    When you are logged in to your Alison account, you can subscribe to Premium through your Account settings or the Premium Shop. We have a number of approved payment methods available:

    • Credit / Debit Card (Facilitated by Stripe)

    • PayPal (if PayPal is operational in your country)


    You can start enjoying the benefits of Premium as soon as you have successfully subscribed. Look out for an email confirming your successful subscription and begin your ads-free learning experience immediately. Your discount is automatically applied to your Alison account when you subscribe. You can view all available discounts in your Account settings anytime.

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