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Module 1: Comprensión 3S (Shine) y 4S (Standardization)

    Study Reminders

    Standardization is the fourth foundation of 5S. In Japanese, it is known as "Seiketsu". The purpose is to standardize the processes utilized to sort, set in order and shine phase of the 5S. During this phase, one will make processes that help to spot the deviation from the level achieved by the initial three phases. This is an important step that should not be taken for granted. Lacking adequate standards, workers will not know what is needed from them. One needs to demonstrate explicit and clear expectations for the workers. This is the only way forward to have an effective 5S program.

    The goal of standardization is to develop procedures and schedules to ascertain the optimization the implemented initial phases in the 5S program. If standardization is not done things will return to its prior situation means the Zero point of the 5S program.