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Lección 4 Introducción a la Fotografía Digital

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    WAI P.
    WAI P.

    After you process the film and develop the pictures, you realize that some of the pictures are not clear because there was not enough light when you took the pictures. Your friend looks at the pictures and suggests that you use a digital camera instead of a film camera to take pictures. One benefit of using a digital camera is that you can see the picture immediately after you take it to ensure that the picture came out the way you wanted. In case it does not, you can delete the picture. Another benefit of using a digital camera is that you can transfer the picture to a computer and enhance it by using photo-editing software.

    Jonathan Z.
    Jonathan Z.

    i thank to all the staff of the Alison the world of certified learning for the introduction of new technology of IT learning online studies and now a have completed the course of which i am waiting for the certificate,thanks to you all,i JONATHAN ZANBALE from Kenya


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