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6.3 Trabajar con registros

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    WAI P.
    WAI P.

    Lesson 6 - Introduction to Database Programs 6.3 - Working with Records Working with Records You own a bakery and have created a database containing its sales and customer information. You now want to add new sales information to the existing database by using an order form. The order form lists the product name, quantity ordered, price of each product, and the total amount of the order. You also want to modify or delete customer records when you enter incorrect data. You can use a database program, such as Access 2007, to create, edit, and delete data entered in a database. You can also sort and filter the data stored in the database. For example, you can filter the data in a database to view only those products for which the minimum quantity ordered was more than 10. You can also sort the records on the basis of product ID to view the result in alphabetical order. In this simulated lab, you will create a record, delete a record, and sort records in a table. Click to launch the lab. Follow the steps to complete the lab. 

    Mark G.
    Mark G.

    wheres the bloody instructions on this?


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