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    Business administration ensures that the operational needs of a business can be met. Currently, there is a need for more workers to carry out tasks within businesses to ensure the smooth running of daily activities. Managers need support, so these roles are considered vital to keep organisational cogs working. As ageing 'baby boomers' are approaching retirement and beginning to reduce their hours or leave altogether, for some organisations, this means a large amount of capability and experience will leave their roles over a relatively short period of time with current UK administration replacement demand running at 600,000 people over the next five years.

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    Bullet list: On the job, business administrators will typically be involved in:

    Carrying out activities relating to the achievement of departmental or organisational goals, policies and procedures.
    Working on an organisation's financial and budgetary activities.
    Delivering general activities related to making products and providing services.
    Supporting and working with other team members to achieve departmental or organisational goals, policies and procedures.
    Using and applying new technologies in the workplace.
    Using filing systems and on-line storage systems to store and retrieve data.
    Consulting with other team workers about operational activity.
    Preparing contracts and agreements, minutes, and other departmental documents.
    Making appointments and travel arrangements.
    Implementing activities which will cut costs and improve policies.