Non-Institutional Learning

Alison is a leading global provider of non-institutional expert learning. Our view is that traditional accredited education - through universities, colleges and training centres - is largely not fit for purpose. It is too expensive, too slow, and out of date, and not all subjects of learning are covered. Online through Alison, the subjects we can teach are limitless and free to access. We believe that for a vast range of subjects, that everyone can learn for free, faster, and more effectively online.

Free Publishing, as much as free learning, has always been part of the original vision for Alison. Our platform allows knowledge and skill to be transferred and shared among everyone worldwide, unleashing a power for prosperity and equality never seen before. We do this through rewarding people, financially and reputationally, for sharing what they know. Those who know share with those that don’t know, taking away the barriers and giving access to free knowledge so that all can empower themselves to be the best they can be.

According to research by Harvard University and the Asian Investment Bank, just 6.7% of the world’s population of nearly 7.6 Billion people have a college degree. Global society is accessing only a fraction of the world’s talent to power the prosperity and well-being of nations across the world and what is very clear, is that the old way of educating people to a high level of competence only works for the privileged few. We need to approach the challenge of giving everyone equal access to education and skills training in a different way. By publishing your knowledge & skill with us, you become partners with us in driving this learning revolution.

Non Institutional Learning at Alison
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