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QAP Training

Alison is inviting 100 Alison graduates worldwide to apply to learn and train to become contract publishers on Alison. You can earn up to €2,000 per month working on contract either for Alison directly or for an Alison publisher.

How the QAP Training Programme works:

Step 1: Application

We ask you to apply to become a Qualified Alison Publisher – Level 3 (Contractor). Here we ask a lot of questions about your background, motivation and skills, so bear with us please. It is important for us to know about your potential capabilities.

Step 2: Complete Course Training:

If you fill out the application form as requested, and we deem your application sufficiently strong, we will invite you to complete the two training courses which are mandatory for anyone who wishes to publish on Alison. These are courses on pedagogy and how to use the Alison Publishing Tool.

Step 3: Access & Mentorship:

To help you with your training, you will be given access to the Alison Publishing Tool. As you complete the training courses, you can explore the publishing tool’s features and capabilities.

Step 4: Webinars:

When you complete the courses, Alison will provide you with a test course to publish under supervision of a Qualified Alison Publisher as a mentor to help you navigate. You will also be entitled to join a series of training webinars to help you learn how to use the tool. The first course you will be asked to complete is one based mostly on video content. Part-time, it should take you approximately one month to complete.

Step 5: First Course Completion:

Should you complete your first course assignment successfully, we will invite to you to further participate in the programme where we give you a further 4 courses to be completed. The expected time to complete these four courses is two months part-time. The goal of the Alison publishing team is to get you to the stage where you can publish at a professional level without outside expert assistance.

Step 6: Becoming a Contractor:

If you have completed the five initial courses with Alison successfully, you will then be entitled to register as a QAP Level 3 with a publishing contract and have your profile listing publicly on the Alison website.

There are Terms & Conditions relating to this programme: The most important are as follows:

(i) The QAP Training Programme is a BETA programme and the terms and conditions and structure of the programme may change at any time. You engage with the programme entirely at your own risk.

(ii) While Alison invites Alison members to apply to become qualified as Qualified Alison Publishers Level 3, it does not guarantee work to any individual Qualified Alison Publisher. Alison operates a bid process. If you are a Qualified Alison Publisher, you are entitled to bid against other similarly qualified publishers for publishing contracts issued by Alison or Alison Publishers.

(iii) During the training period, Alison may agree to pay those training should the quality of their work justify same. Whether to pay publishing trainees during this training period is entirely up to the Alison Publishing Department. All decisions final.

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