Alison CEO, Mike Feerick Visits Russia

The program for this year’s forum focused on five specific aspects of human life, dramatically changing under the impact of technologies – productivity, habitat, education, health and entertainment. Mike was invited to speak on the topic of education and the impact the growth in micro-credentials is having on both traditional education and corporate learning.

During the round table discussion Mike explained that "technology is dramatically transforming the learning process and thanks to the ubiquitous nature of the internet anyone with good internet connection can learn anything, anytime, anywhere for free."

He also stated that advances in "technology would continue to drive down the costs of education and training offering the potential for people everywhere, regardless of financial circumstances, to access education. This would present major challenges for traditional education institutions".

Other participates in the round table discussion included Nina Huntsmann from EdX and Alexander Molchanov, Distance Learning Centre at the Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering.

You can view the full round-table discussion here

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Alison Founder and CEO, is one of the guest speakers at this year's Open Innovations Forum in Russia.


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