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Free Theory Courses for Apprentices

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Once the most direct way to enter the world of work, apprenticeships have made a comeback in recent years as a pathway into a rewarding career. The trainee is paid while they learn valuable practical skills in the workplace. With Alison’s free online courses, employers can onboard an apprentice, provide them with on-the-job-training and let us take care of the theory! 

Free, flexible learning for apprentices

For the trainee, an apprenticeship provides an opportunity to earn while you learn. While part of the apprentice’s working week involves being on-site and gaining hands-on experience, acquiring a broader knowledge and understanding of the field is just as important. Alison’s free courses for skilled trades don’t require you to attend a particular centre at a given time in a classroom setting. You can learn and study at your own pace and take as many courses as you need. Thanks to the Alison App, you can even work on your smartphone. Also, if at first you don’t succeed, you can take the assessment exam as many times as you need to, for free and whenever it suits you.  

Free support for employers 

Employers and tradespeople who would like to onboard an apprentice can be put off by not knowing how to teach or provide their apprentice with the necessary theoretical knowledge. With Alison’s free online training courses, you don’t even have to pay for first-rate professional teaching. You take care of the on-site skills training and leave the theory to our experts. Mentors will also find our free online courses useful. Companies with a number of trainees can create an Alison Group which enables you to track your apprentices' progress at the click of a button. On successfully completing a training course, your apprentice is offered the option of a certificate to recognise their achievement and can purchase one for a nominal fee. Do you know that Alison also offers diploma courses?  Why not enrol into our free courses and  update your own knowledge at your pace. And if you are an expert in your field, why not consider creating an apprenticeship course for Alison by joining our many successful self-publishers.

What’s in our apprenticeship hubs

Alison’s ethos is empowering people everywhere through free education and nothing is as empowering as gaining the skills to enter or progress in the workforce, whether your interest is a hands-on practical trade like carpentry, the caring professions or book-keeping. We have put together hubs focusing on apprenticeships in the UK and the USA which will also be useful to learners in many other countries. Simply register for an Alison account, select your first course and get ready to take the first step into a new world of learning. 

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