Get Learning - Get Earning

Offer Extended up to 2 January 2019

Earn discounts for every course you complete.
The more you learn, the more you earn!


A new year inspires change and a fresh start. But why wait until next year, when you could end this year off strong instead!

End 2018 in style - learn something new, gain new skills, and set up a powerful foundation to kick off your new year. What’s more, you can get rewarded for it too! For a limited time only, earn discounts for every course you complete!

Between 21 November and 2 January, enrol, study and complete as many courses as you can.
Earn Discounts
Earn a 5% discount for every Certificate course you complete. Earn a 10% discount for every Diploma course you complete.
Get up to 30% off
Redeem your discounts earned, or save them and keep completing courses to earn up to 30% off!

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