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Bing Ads - Advanced Features and the Ads Editor

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Bing Ads - Advanced Features and the Ads Editor
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  • Gain an insight into the advanced settings available on the Bing Ads network. The course Bing Ads - Advanced Features and the Ads Editor will look at the different adaptable elements which could improve your ad’s efficiency, it also talks you through the Bing Ads Editor. 

    First, you will be introduced to the advanced features available on Bing Ads. You will learn about the different types of ad extensions which you can utilize, and you will look at the effective use of dynamic text. You will be made aware of the importance of accurate ad content, and learn how to use campaign exclusions.

    Finally, you will look at how to optimise your Bing ad. In particular, you will study how to analyse report information from Bing to improve your ad’s CTR and conversions. You will also learn how to use the Bing Ads Editor to efficiently manage your Bing Ads campaigns.

    This course will be of interest to anyone who wishes to learn more about search engine optimisation in order to improve their website’s results. It will also be of interest to anyone looking to increase their knowledge of Bing Ads' advanced features.

  • Having completed this course you will be able to: - Describe ad extensions; - Explain dynamic text; - Discuss content ads; - Explain campaign exclusions; - Discuss the different types of Bing Ads reports available; - Explain how to optimize a campaign; - Discuss the Bing Ads Editor; - and explain the Bing Ads Partner Support.

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