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Managing Health and Safety in Healthcare - Biological Agent Hazards

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  • This course aims to provide healthcare line managers and department heads with an introduction to managing occupational health and safety. The full course consists of six modules and is suitable for all healthcare settings.

    This module, Module 3 , introduces you to Biological Agent Hazards in Healthcare . It can be studied as a stand alone module or as part of the full course.

    Module 3 is split into three topics.

    • Topic 1: Introduction to Biological Agents,
    • Topic 2: Biological Agents Risk Assessment, and
    • Topic 3: Implementing Control Measures.

    Please note that the module is intended as an overview and may need to be supplemented by more specific training and / or specialised advice.

  • At the end of this module you should be able to:

    • outline the four biological agent risk groups
    • identify ways in which healthcare employees are exposed to biological agents in the workplace
    • recognise the types of health effects associated with hazardous biological agents
    • describe how to carry out a biological agents risk assessment in the workplace, and
    • describe the measures used to safeguard healthcare employees from harmful effects of hazardous biological agents.

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