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Introduction to Modern Human Resource Management Free Course

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  • The free online course Introduction to Modern Human Resource Management will introduce learners to practices and procedures used in modern human resources (HRM) departments. The course outlines the processes HR professionals go through to ensure they have the right employees at the right time to make sure the company is both productive and profitable.

    The course first introduces you to the seven main roles that HRM plays in business and why, in a constantly changing world, the HRM function is key to success. You will also learn about the array of skills needed to deal with a variety of HR situations and the challenges facing HRM today. Strategic planning is necessary to tie company objectives with HRM objectives and the course covers the steps in the development, writing and implementation of strategic plans, and how those plans should be developed. The course also introduces you to the employment cycle: from recruitment and selection, to job analysis and performance appraisals. Finally, the course introduces the concept of diversity and multiculturalism, discusses the diversity aspect of business, and why multiculturalism is so important to ensuring a healthy organization.

    This free course will be of great interest to all HRM professionals who would like to learn more about modern human resource practices and procedures, and to all learners who are interested in HRM as a career.

  • Having completed this course the learner will be able to:
    - Identify the seven main responsibilities of HRM managers;
    - List the seven main areas of HRM focus;
    - Determine current and future human resource needs;
    - Explain the need to alter strategic plans and goal settings as the internal and external environments change;
    - Discuss why diversity and multiculturalism are important to the success of organizations;
    - Outline the recruitment and selection process.

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Modules List( 4 )
  • Module 1: The Role of HRM
    • The Role of HRM
    • The HRM Skillset
    • HRM Challenges
  • Module 2: Developing Strategic HRM Plans
    • Strategic Planning
    • Writing the HRM PLan
    • Tips in HRM Planning
  • Module 3: Diversity and Multiculturalism
    • Diversity and Multiculturalism
    • Diversity plans
    • Multiculturalism and the Law
  • Module 4: Introduction to Modern HRM - Assessment
    • Introduction to Modern Human Resource Management Assessment
Topics List ( 3 )
Module 1: The Role of HRM
Learn more about human resource management.
Topics List ( 3 )
Module 2: Developing Strategic HRM Plans
Learn about developing strategic HRM plans.
Topics List ( 3 )
Module 3: Diversity and Multiculturalism
Learn more about diversity and multiculturism.
Topics List ( 1 )
Module 4: Introduction to Modern HRM - Assessment
You must score 80% or more to pass this assessment.
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    2-3 Hours

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    Saylor Foundation

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    50 Pts

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