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iPhone App Development

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  • This free online course on iPhone App Development will be of great interest to professionals who develop applications for mobile phones, and the iPhone in particular, and to students who want greater knowledge and understanding about iPhone app development.

    Apple iPhones are one of the most popular smartphones on the market today, with thousands of iPhone apps being downloaded every day.

    Through a series of video lectures, you will learn about iPhone app development including the Objective-C programming language and how it is used to program iPhone apps; the features of the Mac OS X such as the Core OS level, Core Services level, Media level and Cocoa Touch level.

    You will also learn about programming for single touch and multi-touch functionality and how to develop iPhone apps that use the built-in accelerometer.

    Many people make a lot of money from developing high quality apps for the iPhone. Study this course and you could perhaps join this elite group!

  • Having studied this course you will:
    - understand the functions of the levels of the iPhone Mac Os X;
    - use Objective-C to program for iPhone app development;
    - program for funtions releated to the iPhone camera, accelerometer and locations features.

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iPhone App Development
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  • 10-15 Hours

  • Stanford

  • Assessment

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  • 50 Pts

Modules List( 5 )
  • Module
    iPhone App Development - Part 1
    • In this module you will learn about the Mac OS X operating system and how to program using the Objective-C programming language.
    • Introduction to Mac OS X
    • Objective-C and Foundation Framework
    • Custom Classes, Object Lifecycle, Autorelease
    • Building an Application
    • Views, Drawing, and Animation
  • Module
    iPhone App Development - Part 2
    • In this module you will learn about designing iPhone applications, scroll views, table views and handling data in the application.
    • Designing iPhone Applications
    • Navigation Tab Bar Controllers
    • Scroll Views and Table Views
    • Data in Your iPhone App
    • Text Input and Presenting Content Modally
  • Module
    iPhone App Development - Part 3
    • In this module you will learn about single and multi-touch functionality and location mapping.
    • Web Views, Locations and Maps
    • Touch Events and Multi-touch
    • Device APIs
    • Audio APIs, Video Playback, Settings
  • Module
    iPhone App Development - Part 4
    • In this module you will learn about Bonjour element of the Core Services, testing and localization and the OpenGL ES.
    • Bonjour, NSStream, GameKit
    • Testing with Objective-C Localization
    • OpenGL ES
  • Module
    iPhone App Development Assessment
    • You must score 80% or more to pass this assessment.
    • iPhone Apps Development Assessment
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