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Caring in the Health Professions

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  • Care relationships within health professions are of great importance and hold a lot of meaning for both the provider and recipient. This free online course will give you a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of care relationships within health professions. The course covers the issue of care relationships in a variety of situations and contexts. Some of the areas covered include: caring in a hospital setting, caring for the elderly and disabled in residential care, hospice care and care as a family affair. Topics such as the limits and boundaries of care, community care, the meaning of home, care transactions, and care of those who are at the end stages of life are also discussed. This course will be of great interest to professionals already in the health or care professions, to learners who are planning a career in the health professions and will also be beneficial to individuals who are either giving or receiving care.

  • Having completed this course learners will be able to:
    - Describe the theory and practice of caring in the health professions;
    - Describe practices used for caring in hospital settings;
    - Describe practices used for caring in the home setting;
    - Describe practices used for caring for the terminally ill;
    - Describe practices used for caring for the elderly.

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Caring in the Health Professions
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  • 3-4 Hours

  • OpenLearn

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  • 50 Pts

Modules List( 10 )
  • Module
    Care Relationships
    • Introduction
    • Introduction to care relationships
    • Playing roles together
    • Playing to the ‘script’
    • Teamwork
    • Difficult situations: Working in ambiguous situations
    • Difficult situations: Assessing risk
    • Difficult situations: Communicating and engaging
    • Difficult situations: : Care values’ in relationships
  • Module
    Caring in the Hospital
    • An introduction to the hospital
    • A day in the life of the hospital ward
    • Working together for health in hospital
    • Qualified nurses - Working in the shadow of medicine?
    • More carers - Still deeper in the shadows?
  • Module 2: Extra Reading Materials View Resource
  • Module
    The limits and boundaries of care
    • Introduction
    • Case Study: Crossing boundaries
    • The strains of intimate care
    • Silences and concealment
    • Women’s work
    • Distance and closeness
    • Developing agreed ways of working
    • Unofficial work cultures
    • Establishing boundaries
  • Module 3: Extra Reading Materials View Resource
  • Module
    Caring - A Family Affair
    • Caring - A family affair
    • Informal carers
    • Defining terms
    • Young carers
    • Care - A loaded word
    • Care labels
  • Module 4: Extra Reading Materials View Resource
  • Module
    The meaning of home
    • Introduction - Attachment to place
    • The meaning of home
    • Place and identity
    • Places and spaces as resources
    • Changing places: The impact of surroundings/Change on a daily basis
    • Coping with relocation - Relocation acceptance
    • Models of adjustment
  • Module 5: Extra Reading Materials View Resource
  • Module
    Understanding meanings in community care
    • Introduction
    • What's in a title? An introduction
    • Community
    • Welfare
    • Care
  • Module 6: Extra Reading Materials View Resource
  • Module
    Living with death and dying
    • Introduction
    • Death and the meaning of life
    • Near-death experiences
    • The quality of dying
  • Module 7: Extra Reading Materials View Resource
  • Module
    Ageing and disability - Transition into residential care
    • Introduction
    • Transitions
    • Care environments
    • Opportunities for creativity and personal development
    • Making choices and developing a personal care plan
    • Practise links and conlusion
  • Module 8: Extra Reading Material View Resource
  • Module
    Care transactions
    • Introduction- Arrangements for care and support
    • Diane Mallett
    • John Avery
    • Enid Francis
    • Sarah Fletcher
    • Alex Zinga
    • Comment on the audio clips: Benefits and payments
    • Comment on the audio clips: care relationships
  • References View Resource
  • Module
    Care in the Health Professions Assessment
    • Care in the Health Professions Assessment
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