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World History - World War 1 and Its Aftermath Free Course

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  • World War 1 was a momentous event that resulted not only in the death of millions of soldiers and civilians but also in the political collapse of European empires and the beginning of the rise of America as a world power. In this fascinating course on World War 1 history, you will learn about the political alliances between countries in Europe and how they pitted Britain, France and Russia against Germany and Austro-Hungary. You will learn about the decisive battles of the First World War on the Western and Eastern fronts and what eventually led to Germany's defeat. Finally, you will learn about the post-war negotiations and the Treaty of Versailles. This course will be of great interest to all students who would like to learn more about what led to the outbreak of World War 1, the military battles which occurred during the First World War and political outcome after the war that shaped world events for the rest of the 20th century.

  • Having completed this course the learner will be able to:
    - Describe the political alliances that formed before the war;
    - Describe the events such as the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand that led to the outbreak of the war;
    - Describe the great battles on the Western and Eastern fronts that decided the outcome of the war;
    - Describe the post-war settlements at Versailles that shaped world politics for the rest of the 20th century

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Modules List( 2 )
  • Module 1: World War 1 and Its Aftermath
    • World War 1 and Its Aftermath - Learning Outcomes
    • Empires before World War 1
    • German and Italian Empires in 1914
    • Alliances Leading to World War 1
    • Language and Religion of the Former Yugoslavia
    • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip
    • The Great War Begins
    • Schlieffen Plan and the First Battle of the Marne
    • Comparing the Eastern and Western Fronts
    • World War 1 - Eastern Front
    • Battles of Verdun, Somme and the Hindenburg Line
    • Closing stages of World War 1
    • Technology in World War 1
    • Deaths in World War 1
    • Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points
    • Paris Peace Conference and Treaty of Versailles
    • The Treaty of Versailles and Germany
    • Lesson Summary
  • Module 2: World War 1 and Its Aftermath Assessment
    • World War 1 and Its Aftermath Assessment
Topics List ( 1 )
Module 2: World War 1 and Its Aftermath Assessment
You must score 80% or more to pass this assessment.
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