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Using SnagIt for Image and Video Capture

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  • SnagIt is a piece of software that can be used for image and online video capture from your PC or laptop. To use SnagIt just select an area of the screen, take a snapshot of it or record a video, then you can edit and add effects to it. You can also upload the image or video to the cloud. In this free online course with SnagIt tutorials, you will be shown how to do both image and video screen capture and you will then learn what to do with the image and video files in SnagIt. You will be shown how to sort, export, share and embed these files. You will see why SnagIt is a great tool for recording screen activity to create software demonstrations and presentations. The more you use SnagIt, the more ways you’ll find to use it. This SnagIt tutorial course will be of great interest to teachers and trainers who want to show people how to perform an action on a computer such as how to use a piece of software and it is also useful for capturing a view of something on the computer such as a part of a website for adding to demonstrations.

  • Learning outcomes: Capture an image of the screen; - Add rollovers to the image; - Upload the image to a free server; - Paste the image to another program; - Edit the image and add effects; - Send the image; - Record a video of your screen; - Upload the video to a server or youtube; - Embed the video;

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Using SnagIt for Image and Video Capture
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  • 1-2 Hours

  • Russell Stannard

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  • 50 Pts

Modules List( 3 )
  • Module
    Using SnagIt for Image And Video Capture - Part 1
    • In this module learn more SnagIt for image and video capture.
    • Image Capturing 1
    • Image Capturing 2
    • Image Capturing 3
  • Module
    Using SnagIt for Image and Video Capture - Part 2
    • Learn more about using SnagIt for image and video capture.
    • Video Capture 1
    • Video Capture 2
  • Module
    Using SnagIt for Image and Video Capture Assessment
    • You must score 80% or more to pass this assessment.
    • Using SnagIt for Image and Video Capture Assessment
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