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Understanding Your Audience: Market Segmentation

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  • Knowing your market accurately and completely is a prerequisite for successful marketing. In this free online course three important concepts related to the topic of markets are presented: Defining the nature of markets, identifying the types of markets, and a discussion of product differentiation and market segmentation. This course will be of great interest to marketing and business professionals who wish to refresh the basics of marketing and to learners who are interested in business and wish to have a greater knowledge and understanding of the role marketing plays in the modern business world.

  • After completing this course the learner will be able to:
    - Understand the role of the market in the exchange process.
    - Distinguish between the basic kinds of markets.
    - Appreciate the differences between the undifferentiated and segmental approach toward markets.
    - Understand the various bases for market segmentation.
    - Translate segmentation concepts into the activity of selecting a target market.

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Modules List( 5 )
  • Module 1: Defining the Market
    • Defining the Market - Learning Outcomes
    • Defining the Market
    • Types of Markets
    • Defining the Market - Summary
  • Module 2: Approaching the Market
    • Approaching the Market - Learning Outcomes
    • Market Aggregation
    • Differentiated Markets
    • Segmented Markets
    • Approaching the Market - Summary
  • Module 3: Segmenting Consumers
    • Segmenting Consumers - Learning Outcomes
    • Geographical Segmentation
    • Demographic Segmentation
    • Usage Segmentation
    • Psychological Segmentation
    • Segmenting Consumer - Summary
  • Module 4: Segmenting the Market
    • Segmenting the Market - Learning Outcomes
    • Segmenting Markets
    • Qualifying Customers in Market Segments
    • Strategies of Market Segmentation
    • Segmenting the Market - Summary
  • Module 5: Understanding the Market - Assessment
    • Understanding the Market - Assessment
Topics List ( 4 )
Module 1: Defining the Market
Learn more about defining the market.
Topics List ( 1 )
Module 5: Understanding the Market - Assessment
You must score 80% or more to pass this assessment.
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