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Staying Close to the Customer

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  • Yahoo is a very popular Web site but, with strong competition for products and services coming from others like Google and Facebook, Yahoo as an organisation faces severe challenges in being more competitive in the advertising market. In this free online course Sue Decker, the CEO of Yahoo from 2008 to 2009, discusses how the founders of Yahoo focused on the needs of its customers by developing a hierarchal database structure for faster and more efficient searches making life easier for the customer. The course also looks at how internal structuring of the sales force was implemented to improve customer service, where the gap in monetising search queries between it and Google occurred, and recent acquisition proposals. This course will be of interest to advertising, business, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs who have an interest in how an online Web company uses its customer base as a business model.

  • Learning outcomes:
    - Understand how Yahoo focus on their customer by working on an integrated service;
    - Monetising search queries on a website;
    - An overview of the key differences between Yahoo and key competitors.

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Staying Close to the Customer
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    Staying Close to the Customer
    • In this module learn why it is important for a business to stay close to their customers.
    • The Guiding Light of Customer-centricity
    • An Unscalable Ecosystem
    • The Three Phases of Yahoo!
    • Delivering the Customer to the Advertiser
    • Open and Social
    • On the Verge of an Acquisition?
    • Monetising Search Capabilities
  • Module
    Staying Close to the Customer Assessment
    • You must score 80% or more to pass this assessment.
    • Customer focus Assessment
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