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Nursing Studies - Diet Therapy

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Nursing Studies - Diet Therapy
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  • A healthy diet is fundamental to sustaining life, supporting vital body functions and maintaining a disease free body. Correct dietary combinations are also necessary in supporting the patient’s healing and recovery process. This free online nursing studies course provides the learner with an overview of the key elements in diet therapy. The module Factors Influencing Diet introduces the learner to the intrinsic and extrinsic factors impacting the patient’s diet. The range of lifestyle, cultural and religious factors influencing diet and diet choice are reviewed and the resulting health implications for the patient are outlined. The module Reasons for the Therapeutic Diet examines the range of medical disorders requiring special dietary preparations to assist the healing process, correct an imbalance or supply necessary dietary nutrients when a pre-existing medical condition exits. The module Standard Hospital Diets identifies the range of food combinations used in diet preparation to meet the needs of patients with diverse medical and recovery needs. Food ingredients and preparation methods are outlined, enabling the learner to identify and match diet preparations to patient healing and recovery requirements. The vital active role of the practice nurse in diet therapy in assisting and supporting the patient recovery process is also discussed. The range of nursing interventions in the hospital and patient-care setting are outlined, as is the role of the specialist dietary practitioner. This free online nursing studies course will be of great interest to all professionals in the healthcare sector who would like to acquire a greater knowledge and understanding of diet therapy as a key factor in maintaining overall body health and wellness.

  • Learning outcomes:
    - Cite the range of factors influencing a patient’s diet and the resulting health impact;
    - Understand the role of the Registered Dietician and Physician and their role in providing;
    - Cite the reasons for a Therapeutic Diet;
    - Identify the range of dietary preparations and their associated function in supporting the patients’ health and wellness;
    - Cite a specialised diet when given details of food combinations and/ or restricted ingredients;
    - Understand the role of the Practical Nurse in the provision, delivery and patient consumption of their prescribed dietary preparation;
    - Cite the factors during hospitalization which impact the patient’s diet;
    - Cite the nursing interventions that help the patient meet nutritional needs;

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Modules List( 2 )
  • Module 1: Nursing Studies - Diet Therapy
    • Factors influencing Diet
    • Reasons for the Therapeutic Diet
    • Standard Hospital Diets
    • The Role of the Nurse in Diet Therapy
  • Module 2: Diet Therapy Assessment
    • Diet Therapy Assessment
Topics List ( 4 )
Module 1: Nursing Studies - Diet Therapy
In this module you will learn more about the importance of Diet Therapy in providing patient care in hospital or healthcare settings.
Topics List ( 1 )
Module 2: Diet Therapy Assessment
You must score 80% or more to pass this assessment.
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