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Mental Health Studies - Suicide, Violent Behavior and Substance Abuse Free Course

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  • Care for mental health is becoming an increasingly important aspect of health provision in health systems around the world. In this free online course the learner is introduced to areas of mental health where the activities, actions or habits of patients endanger their health, welfare and often impact the environment and society they are part of. The course introduces the learner to suicide and preventative treatment measures, how to manage violent patients and outlines the complex area of substance abuse. This free online learning course will be of great interest to healthcare professionals or those interested in the field of mental health, counselling, psychotherapy, therapeutics and other related areas of healthcare.

  • After completing this course you will:

    - Have a general understanding of suicide.
    - Identify the signs and types of suicide behaviors.
    - Cite conditions that are likely to cause of suicide.
    - Identify the most common precipitating factors in violent behavior.
    - Identify the methods used to manage the violent patient who is unarmed or armed.
    - Describe the factors impacting the effect of the particular substance on the individual.
    - Identify the long and short-term effects of substance abuse.
    - Identify the signs/symptoms and treatment for overdose and withdrawal of alcohol, opioids and barbiturates.
    - Understand the physical and psychological dependencies.
    - Identify behavior changes resulting from substance abuse.
    - Understand body mechanism adjustments and tolerance levels to substances.

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Modules List( 4 )
  • Please note: This course is intended as an introd...
  • Module 1: Understanding Suicide
    • Understanding Suicide - Learning Outcomes
    • Suicide and Types of Suicidal Behavior
    • Myths and Facts Signs and Symptoms of Suicide
    • Immediate Danger Signs of Suicide Intent
    • Understanding Suicide - Lesson Summary
  • Module 2: Violent and Hostile Behavior
    • Violent and Hostile Behavior - Learning Outcomes
    • Introduction and Management of Violent or Hostile Behavior
    • Management of a Violent or Armed Patient
    • Violent and Hostile Behavior - Lesson Summary
  • Module 3: Substance Abuse
    • Substance Abuse - Learning Outcomes
    • Introduction and type of Substance Abuse
    • Opioids (Narcotics) Use
    • Alcohol as a Central Nervous System Depressant
    • Barbiturates and Sedatives as Central Nervous System Depressants
    • Central Nervous System Stimulants
    • Central Nervous System Stimulants LSD and Inhalants
    • Substance Abuse - Lesson Summary
  • Module 4: Mental Health Studies - Assessment
    • Mental Health Studies - Assessment
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Module 4: Mental Health Studies - Assessment
You must score 80% or more to pass this assessment.
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