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Fundamentals of Human Resources Course

Fundamentals of Human Resources
Fundamentals of Human Resources

Learn the important skills required when managing change and effective planning as a human resource manager.

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Course Description

This free HR ALISON course introduces you to the world of Human Resources management (HRM) and is a useful introduction to those who wish to learn and understand more about the role it plays within organizations.

The lessons examine the various functions of HRM in organizations including responsibilities and objectives, the employment cycle, job analysis, recruitment and selection, and performance appraisal as well as employee relations, and managing change within the workplace.


To qualify for your official ALISON Diploma, Certificate or PDF you must study and complete all modules and score 80% or more in each of the course assessments. A link to purchase your Diploma certificate will then appear under the My Certificates heading of your My Account page.


After completing this HR course you will be able to identify the factors that influence the workforce, the role of the human resource manager, and the strategies for motivating employees. You will have knowledge of the employment cycle, including recognition, rewards, planning, job analysis, training, recruitment, selection, contracts, termination and more. You will understand employee relations, the different management styles, key performance indicators, and potential conflicts between management and employees. You will effectively learn how to manage important changes such as technology, legislation, and workplace employment conditions.

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Course Rating (By Learners): 4 stars based on 529 votes
Course Title: Fundamentals of Human Resources
Course #: 227
Course Publisher: XSIQ
Course Category: 9
Content Origin: Australian School Curriculum
Course Description: This free HR ALISON course introduces you to the world of Human Resources management (HRM) and is a useful introduction to those who wish to learn and understand more about the role it plays within organizations.

The lessons examine the various functions of HRM in organizations including responsibilities and objectives, the employment cycle, job analysis, recruitment and selection, and performance appraisal as well as employee relations, and managing change within the workplace.
License: Not for download or distribution.
Release Date: 18 April 2013
Course Duration (Avg Learner): 2-3 Hours
Video/Audio: None
Audio Only: Low
Assessments: Yes
Education Level
Age appropriateness: 16+ Years
Minimum Grade/Class Level:
Validation: Level 5
ALISON Testing: Yes
Certification Availability
PDF Download: Yes
Parchment: Yes
Framed Certification: Yes

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  • Obi Emmerencia Manyi   Ayuk
    Obi Emmerencia Manyi Ayuk Cameroon Fundamentals of human resources course was a real need starting point for my career in this field. I found it interesting and abid challenging. But all the same, its a need tool to start a career in Human Resources. Thanks Alison for this medium and tool available for some of us to upgrade ourselves at our own pace. 2016-05-17 16:05:55
  • Ijeoma Nkuche
    Ijeoma Nkuche Nigeria This is a great opportunity to learn with so much ease. Human resources is indeed very vital in organizations. First off, it is imperative that terms and conditions of employment are clearly spelled out. The most important thing is employees\' job security, flexibility and a good work environment, an atmosphere that provides for continuous learning, development and career paths and particularly team spirit. I urge us to share this course to others; HR is quite interesting. I intend to change career paths to HR. It is encompassing and helps you in your human relations with people. 2016-05-05 10:05:37
    AFZAL AHMED Pakistan I really understand about the fundamental of HR course. I learned very much and very informative and good guideline. 2016-04-21 14:04:42
  • Karen Coles
    Karen Coles United States of America Help in understanding human resources and my rights going in to a new position. 2016-04-19 04:04:24
  • Gareth Thomas
    Gareth Thomas United Kingdom A good outline of the role of a HR manager. 2016-04-17 15:04:56
  • Zaharaddeen Abubakar Yusuf
    Zaharaddeen Abubakar Yusuf Nigeria The online course is highly comprehensive, it has analysed the human resources functions extensively. 2016-04-03 22:04:29
  • Ferdaws Mohmand
    Ferdaws Mohmand Afghanistan Really good information. And if we want to increase our level of knowledge this will help all people. Thanks a lot. 2016-03-10 14:03:44
  • Ndamusa Destiny Onuche
    Ndamusa Destiny Onuche Nigeria The course "Fundamental of human resources", is quite informative, before now I use to think that a human resource manager is only concerned with employment of new personnel, but now I know better, that every thing about an employee, is centered on the HRM, right from the selection, training, development down to the dismissal or retirement of an employee as well as other responsibilities are all HRMs' duties, Am indeed glad to be a part of this study, and all thanks to Alison. Sorry the name is Ndamusa Destiny O. 2016-02-20 15:02:51
  • Dennis Smart
    Dennis Smart [[]] Human resources professionals and even line managers and department heads often plot out hiring initiatives without regard for the company's business goals. Introducing the second edition of Tom Bechet's Strategic Staffing, the only book that offers not just general ideas but real, quantifiable approaches for aligning your workforce plan?ning initiatives with business goals. Given that organizations are the sums of their people, a company whose business strategy does not view workforce ... Strategic Staffing Human resources professionals and even line managers and department heads often plot out hiring initiatives without regard for the company's business goals. Introducing the second edition of Tom Bechet's Strategic Staffing, the only book that offers not just general ideas but real, quantifiable approaches for aligning your workforce plan?ning initiatives with business goals. Given that organizations are the sums of their people, a company whose business strategy does not view workforce ... The EQ Interview However, a growing body of evidence points to the fact that when technical competencies are equal, EQ competencies account for job success in many different positions. In fact, for some positions, EQ competencies account for a larger portion of job success than technical competencies. It gives hiring managers and interviewers a description of each of the EQ competencies, examples of the EQ competencies in the workplace in various types of jobs, interview questions for each of the EQ ... Chicago Area Training Ms. Dorothy A. Abbott Human Resources Development Manager Citizens Equity First Credit Union Ms. Melissa Carey Marovich Training Manager, IT, Training & Education Heidrick & Struggles, Sears Tower Ms. Allison Muzal Manager, Training & Developlment Wm. Working Longer In 2006-2007 we surveyed HRM professionals about practices with older workers and also asked those employers to provide a parallel survey to older workers. It defines adult and adult workers, discusses the importance of self-management, reviews organizational issues associated with older workers, describes the implications of working longer—the title of the book—and reviews some important physical changes that affect workers as they age. As a result, the authors conducted a survey ... Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting & Orienting New Employees A practical and user-friendly guide to the entire employment process, the book—now extensively revised—contains forms, guidelines, and ready-to-use interview questions as well as guidance on topics including reference-checking, interview methods, documentation issues, orientation programs, applicant testing, and much more. Reflecting today's evolving workforce, fluctuating economy, and interviewing trends, the fifth edition contains new information on applicant and employer perspectives, ... Preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP©) Certification Exam Just like project management itself, taking the certification exam should be smooth sailing. Michael W. Newell, PMP, ENP, is vice president of PSM Consulting and has thirty-five years of experience as a project manager. He teaches project management at colleges and corporations all over the world. Becoming an Exceptional Executive Coach "This book is an indispensible resource for people becoming executive coaches and for experienced coaches who want to be even better at it.? "Becoming an Exceptional Executive Coach is an important book that will change the way coaches, consultants, and human resources professionals help executives perform. Whether you are a seasoned coach or a new one, exceptional executive coaching can be achieved by accessing the great coach within yourself. The Everything HR Kit It avoids the theory, jargon, and over-analysis to bring you the core strategies and essential knowledge you need to bring quality people on board, for good, such as reputation, recruitment, selection, on-boarding, employee relations, and performance management. at the Cycle of Satisfaction, people come first. employee loyalty that leads to customer loyalty). Seminars | AMA Uncover the secrets of outstanding customer service with AMA's customer service training seminars. Topics critical to developing effective management skills include performance management, motivation, team development, communication skills and time management skills. This training covers project scope, requirements, planning, assessing risk, managing multiple projects, managing contracts, and implementing project management offices. Human Resources Executives in the Healthcare Industry Ms. Cara Brouder, SPHR Sr. Director, Human Resources The Catholic Health Association of the United States Ms. Janet Perens Chesley, PHR Director of Human Resources Long Island Plastic Surgical Group, P.C. Mr. Steven C. Penio, SPHR Director, Human Resources and Administrative Services American Association of Nurse Anesthetists The Coaching Connection The Coaching Connection puts it all into context: the coach, the individual being coached, and the sponsoring organization. That makes our final answer: The individual and the organization that employs the individual are co-clients. A MANAGER'S GUIDE TO DEVELOPING INDIVIDUAL POTENTIAL IN THE CONTEXT OF THE ORGANIZATION by Paul J. Gorrell and John Hoover. The Trouble with HR Tailored to HR professionals, business executives, managers, and entrepreneurs, The Trouble with HR supplies powerful, proven strategies for getting the best people on board—and keeping them there. Business, nonprofit, and government leaders alike must understand why hiring the right people, and being able to retain them, is so critical to the bottom-line performance of their organizations. 3. In an October 2005 Harvard Business Review article, "Growing Talent as If Your Business Depended ... Chaotics Chaotics offers tremendous insight into our new normality of turbulence and uncertainty—which most businesses are ill-equipped to handle. Chaotics is an excellent strategy manual for business leaders and their organizations for handling and overcoming all crises, now and into 'The Age of Turbulence.'? John A. Caslione is one of the world's most accomplished business strategists, serving as advisor to numerous large and middle-market companies, and having executed global business development... Business Seminars & Professional Training Seminars | AMA Join the tens of thousands of managers, leaders and professionals who come to AMA each year to enhance core skills and to stay ahead of evolving trends through our extensive training and business seminars. AMA offers 140+ training seminars in 24 subject areas of business management and workforce development. AMA's management education and employee training seminars offer one-to-five-day workshops in these 24 areas. Improving the Performance of Government Employees "Provides many great tactics, case studies, and stories that debunk common perceptions that government managers have of the government's personnel system. Stewart Liff has answered that call with Improving the Performance of Government Employees. Stewart Liff is the author of Managing Government Employees and The Complete Guide to Hiring and Firing Government Employees. Strategic Customer Service A new approach to customer service that will transform the entire organization...and create true competitive advantage. For others, it provides an excellent perspective on the value of customer service. Strategic Customer Service is the best book on customer service, in terms of concepts and practical solutions, I have read in a long time. Field Tested Packed with straight-shooting insight and powerful techniques, this book paves the way for veterans to succeed as civilians, while helping your organization succeed as an employer of veterans. She has worked extensively with organizations that hire and seek to retain veterans, as well as with veterans themselves. I use a variety of terms to refer to the veteran, such as "veteran," "service member," and "military new-hire." These are interchangeable. Work/Life “Balance” Is Dead While balance is, in the traditional sense, a good thing, the terminology has crept into the “Best Places to Work” lexicon putting an unbalanced amount of responsibility on employers and less accountability on employees. Optimizing work/life balance will inevitably be at the expense of something else: A strict work/life balance set of policies will satisfy some employees, hold some employees back, and most definitely lose out on a lot of productivity that the employees themselves want to ... Forecasts for the 2008 Workplace In fact, a whopping 95% of 157 HR professionals surveyed by Human Resource Executive and ERC Dataplus said that, over the next 24 months, performance management will be either very important or important ("Taking the Pulse," 2007). A 2007 i4cp Talent Management survey found that most of 524 respondents do not believe their companies are especially good at talent management. In fact, among the top priorities of high-level HR executives over the next two years will be retaining talent and ... Employers named the top drivers of retention as “management climate, supervisor relationship, culture and work environment, benefits and growth and earning potential.” Conversely, employees named “financial compensation, benefits, growing and earning potential, time and flexibility and management climate” (Spherion 2005). Workers’ satisfaction with a firm’s “people decisions,” managers who understand employee motivation, a good work/life balance and a company’s standing as a... Networks: The Leader’s Secret Weapon In a recent Harvard Business Review article, INSEAD (France) professors Herminia Ibarra and Mark Hunter write that leaders should create and tap into three related networks—operational networks, personal networks and strategic networks. Ibarra 2016-02-05 11:02:55
  • Dennis Smart
    Dennis Smart [[]] Over time, companies of all sizes encounter some form of organizational change. Whether buying a competitor, being acquired, or announcing an employee layoff— effective communication and the fair treatment of employees are often deciding factors in the success or failure of any change initiative. As in life, it is these critical points in a business’s life-cycle when the stakes are at their highest and the odds are stacked against you. Whether a business owner wearing the “HR hat” or a vice president of human resources, you have primary responsibility for the intense and challenging task of dealing with employee angst and turmoil during such periods of change. If you expect employees to embrace change, they must understand management’s vision and, more importantly, how change will benefit the organization. Absent that, you will end up with unmotivated employees that resist change rather than embrace it. Understand that success isn’t the norm in these situations. A Watson Wyatt survey of 1,000 companies found that less than 33% attained their profit goals after a merger. An earlier study by KPMG found that 83% of corporate mergers and acquisitions failed to enhance shareholder value. Both reports cite poor communication as one of the most common pitfalls. Consider the recent creation of the Department of Homeland Security, possibly the largest and most difficult merger of all time. Nearly two dozen government agencies, including the FBI, U.S. Customs, the Coast Guard, the Secret Service, and others were merged to create this behemoth organization that has been plagued by poor performance and inefficiency. Leadership clearly failed to communicate a vision that was powerful enough to unite the various cultures within these independent agencies. In contrast, consider Hewlett Packard’s acquisition of Compaq. From the start, the vision was clearly defined as a new entity that represented the best of both organizations. Sure, Hewlett Packard’s name is on the headquarters building, but today’s Hewlett Packard is a much different company than it was prior to the acquisition of Compaq. Their respective business approaches, the way they work with people, and how they solve problems rubbed off on one another, thereby changing each other and creating an altogether new enterprise. A clear vision that is clearly communicated to employees is vital and is of utmost importance in the beginning, when misperceptions and misinformation are rampant. And effective communication extends well beyond the announcement of forthcoming changes. Top management must be prepared to address questions and concerns that employees will naturally have, and there should be a communication plan that constantly reinforces the vision and the benefits of the change. In order to be prepared, all levels of management must be engaged well before the announcement. Once the vision and communication plan are in place, it is time to inform employees about the change to come. Leaders should feel free to say, “There are still a number of things that are confidential and others that need to be resolved, but here is what we know and can share.” Managers should outline the initial plan and provide a timeline for when employees can expect to learn more. This will minimize employee anxiety and speculation and maintain employees’ focus on the business. Of tremendous importance is keeping the best employees at work. Talented staff plays a key role in successful restructuring; however, they are often the first to leave when a company’s future prospects are unclear. At the same time, the fastest way to ruin employee morale is to give special treatment where it is not due. Creating an environment of fairness is of paramount importance; management should not play favorites or treat select employees better than others. A rule of thumb is to allocate rewards and punishments to those who deserve them, making sure that actions pass the test. This does not mean that all employees must be treated equally, only that decisions were nonbiased and consistent across all employees. Getting this right requires a commitment of time, energy, and resources. Unfortunately, this often comes at a time when internal resources are stretched beyond the limits. If change initiatives were easy, the majority of them would not fail to achieve their intended purpose. But there are resources outside the organization that can support internal efforts. And the change effort can wind successfully. If you find yourself now in the midst of change, think about your own experiences and consider whether the situation seems fair to you. Make sure you are communicating openly with employees and treating your staff members the way that you would want to be treated. This simple principle will greatly increase your odds for success. Even during changes, it is important to maintain a great culture at work. Sign up to our free webcast to learn how to create a culture of excellence in your organization. Show All Products in Human Resource Management. 2016-02-05 10:02:47
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