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Reviews and Comments about Diploma in Psychology Course - Page 1

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Diploma in Psychology

ALISON's free online Diploma in Psychology is an engaging course, and is packed with features to help you understand and evaluate classic and contemporary psychology. These online psychology courses are ideal for those who want to gain comprehensive understanding of the main elements of psychology, and will be of great benefit to students in their career progression.

Topics covered include classical conditioning, learning theory, the biological basis of behavior, visual perceptions, memory, and cognition.

The Research Methodology section allows you to cast a critical eye on the research process, to explore the nature of psychology as an evolving science, and understand some of the ethical issues faced by psychologists.


Comments & Reviews

  • Francesca Zamora
    Francesca Zamora United States of America It was interesting to learn more about this 2016-01-24 03:01:57
  • Kate Kivlichan
    Kate Kivlichan United Kingdom So far I have found this course very easy to navigate around with well-written text and very useful diagrams which help me understand more. It also fits into my busy schedule very well, as I can stop and start when it best suits me. I look forward to doing more studying this way. 2016-01-21 14:01:54
  • Ayodele Mathew
    Ayodele Mathew Singapore Great to be enlightened on psychology 2016-01-20 08:01:19
  • Odafe Ava Emurotu
    Odafe Ava Emurotu Nigeria Very engaging and gives you more than the text book definition of terms. 2016-01-16 23:01:05
  • Линда Фёдорова
    Линда Фёдорова United Kingdom Excellent 2016-01-16 05:01:49
  • Uttkarsha Roniwal
    Uttkarsha Roniwal India Gives good knowledge 2016-01-15 15:01:42
    OKOT DAVID YOKAS Uganda The course was extremely gave me more information on how to handle people of different understanding 2016-01-13 15:01:36
  • Zainab Ocheme
    Zainab Ocheme Nigeria Am very impressed, i think this have made learning very easy for me. 2016-01-09 16:01:40
  • Eziokwu Egbuka
    Eziokwu Egbuka Nigeria Simple and informative 2016-01-07 03:01:04
  • David Okoida
    David Okoida United Kingdom Am happy to find this course online, help me send the link to my yahoo email so the I can start the course immediately. Thanks. 2015-12-29 08:12:38
  • Themba Nhautete
    Themba Nhautete Mozambique A very good course now I can combine my mental health studies Diploma and Psychology Diploma also my Nursing and patients care Diploma to continue studying for medical psychology and become a specialist in mental health care with Alison Themba B Nhautete 2015-12-26 13:12:54
  • Margaret Muchangi
    Margaret Muchangi France At homes, in schools, in working places, in the community, life can be really improved. 2015-12-20 08:12:42
  • Margaret Muchangi
    Margaret Muchangi France Many lifes can be changed and saved if we have alot of knowledge in Psychology . 2015-12-20 08:12:54
  • Margaret Muchangi
    Margaret Muchangi France We have alot of cases whereby, quick actions of behavior and feelings should be taken care of as soon as the effects towards the victim start taking route. 2015-12-20 08:12:19
  • Adebayo Tunde
    Adebayo Tunde [[]] Psychology is essential to all disciplines. Its the core value of interactions in every field of endeavour, my chosen Diploma in Psychology is to broaden my knowledge in social and human relations. I envisioned a more technical knowledge in human psycho-motor skills at the end of my study. 2015-12-09 12:12:33
  • Lane Admiral
    Lane Admiral Canada I can't believe this is a free course. Thank you guys. 2015-12-02 23:12:35
  • Glen Pereira
    Glen Pereira United Kingdom Nice course 2015-11-26 00:11:53
  • Glen Pereira
    Glen Pereira United Kingdom Very nice course in psychology 2015-11-26 00:11:29
  • Sheryl Dennis
    Sheryl Dennis Canada Very interesting and informative 2015-11-20 00:11:56
  • Philemon Langat
    Philemon Langat Kenya The material is well organised for easy and enjoyable absorption. 2015-10-30 15:10:25