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Research methods in Psychology

Research methods in Psychology

This course covers topics associated with research methods such as participant selection and allocation, the placebo effect, controlof extraneous variables, hyoptheses, inferring from data, correlation, and consent procedures.

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Topic List Complete
Research methods in Psychology Start Topic
Participant selection: random and stratified sampling Start Topic
Participation allocation: control and experimental groups Start Topic
Placebo effect and experimenter effect: single-blind and double-blind procedure Start Topic
Ways to minimise the effects of extraneous variables; a brief overview of three experimental designs Start Topic
Definition of operational hypothesis Start Topic
Inferring from data; meaning of statistical significance; interpretation of p values Start Topic
Research methods in psychology: appropriateness of conclusions and generalisations based on results obtained Start Topic
Measures of relationship: correlation and strength of correlation Start Topic
Research methods in psychology: scatter diagram Start Topic
Positive correlation Start Topic
Negative correlation Start Topic
Patricipants' rights Start Topic
Psychology and informed consent procedures Start Topic
Psychology and debriefing Start Topic
Research methods in psychology: professional conduct Start Topic
An overview of ethical considerations Start Topic

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