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Understanding Cracking, Electrical and Magnetic Characteristics of Geomechanics

Learn the intricacies of geomechanics, its various influencing factors and characteristics in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
Geomechanics is the study of the mechanics of soil and rock and its applications are used in many industries such as mining and civil engineering, among others. This free online course discusses what cracking is, the process of analyzing it and its patterns over time as well as the various electrical and magnetic properties of geomaterials as they influence geomechanics as a whole.
Understanding Cracking, Electrical and Magnetic Characteristics of Geomechanics
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In this free online Geomechanics course, you will delve into the many facets of geomechanics where you will learn about the mechanism of mobilizing the tensile strength of soil and the development of the crack patterns over prolonged periods. Next, you will study the parameters that influence the electrical properties of geomaterials and the generalized relationships for determining the Soil Electrical Resistivity of geomaterials. As part of the electrical-focused content in this free online Geomechanics certification, it also explores the basic models that depict the flow path of alternative current (AC) in various kinds of geomaterials.

As you move on to the next bit of the course, you will learn about the methods of measuring and generalized relationships used, for determining the magnetic properties of geomaterials. The process for determining the fabric structure of fine-grained soils using Scanning Electron Microscopy are also discussed comprehensively.

This free online course in Understanding Cracking, Electrical and Magnetic Characteristics of Geomechanics can serve a wide range of purposes including for students studying Civil Engineering and researchers in the Geotechnical- and Geoenvironmental Engineering fields. Enrol today and broaden your skills and knowledge in Geomechanics.

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