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The Essential Beginner's Pastry Baking Course

Gain confidence in your abilities to make delicious desserts and pastries with this free online course.

Publisher: Marceau Frederic Dauboin
Would you like to see your family and friends' faces light up as they eat a brownie, doughnut or a lovely slice of apple tart you baked yourself but don't know where to start? This course will show you how to make your favourite pastries and desserts from scratch, beginning with a sourdough starter, progressing through chocolate brownies and culminating with the ideal Tarte Tatin, all using delicious recipes and easy procedures.
The Essential Beginner's Pastry Baking Course
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Are you passionate about baking and eager to learn more about new recipes and their keys to success? This course takes you on a fabulous baking experience, packed with step-by-step instructions and recipes for chocolate brownies, apple tart, doughnuts, stroopwafels, cinnamon rolls and Tarte Tatin. You'll first learn how to create your sourdough starter by mixing flour and water used in most recipes to yield fermented flavours and soft textures.

Once you have mastered sourdough, you'll discover the secrets behind making amazing chocolate brownies by combining a few ingredients like dark chocolate and butter. After that, you'll study how to make the ideal pâte sablée before putting together your apple tart and creating a floral pattern using apple slices. You'll then learn to prepare a perfect doughnut dough and a delicious handmade chocolate glaze to drizzle over your doughnuts.

The course will guide you through the ingredients and easy steps for making exquisite stroopwafels, cinnamon rolls and Tarte Tatin. You will explore the ‘stretch and fold’ technique which gives the dough an improved consistency and airy texture. Simple methods of preparing syrup for waffles, icing for cinnamon rolls and apple and caramel filling for your delightful Tarte Tatin are also covered. If you are drooling and dreaming of these delicious treats, don't waste any more time and enrol today!

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