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Sustainable Business - Managing the Triple Bottom Line

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Sustainable Business - Managing the Triple Bottom Line
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  • Learn how modern businesses are adopting sustainable business practices to become resilient over time by being connected to healthy economic, social and environmental systems by studying the course Sustainable Business - Managing the Triple Bottom Line.

    The course begins by introducing you to the concept of sustainability and sustainable business practices and explains why running a sustainable business is an increasingly popular and beneficial venture. Next, you will learn about the Triple Bottom Line; a business's contribution to social justice, environmental quality, and economic prosperity. You will learn how all businesses rely on the sustainability of the world's resources in order to succeed and thrive so it is in their long-term interest to address the Triple Bottom Line. You will learn different ways in which sustainable businesses improve their social, environmental and economic impact and how that can help the business itself and the wider community surrounding the business.

    Finally, you are introduced to the science behind sustainable businesses. You will learn about different theories that relate to economic growth and impact on business sustainability. You will learn how sustainability involves having an understanding of the relationship between business, humanity, and nature. You will also learn about the Earth's ecosystems and the importance of healthy ecosystems to human society. You will be introduced to key resources that support the earth and why a sustainable business should consider the impact of their actions on those key resources. You will learn about different threats to ecosystems that have been caused by human activities, thus emphasising the importance of running a sustainable business.

    This course will be of great interest to business professionals and eco-entrepreneurs who would like to learn how sustainable business practices can benefit the economic activity of the business itself and also the wider social community and ecosystems.

  • Having completed this course you will be able to:

    • Describe what is meant by sustainability and its relationship to running a business;
      Discuss the importance of running a business that is sustainable;
      Describe what is meant by the term "triple bottom line";
      Describe what may happen if a business does not focus on their triple bottom line;
      Describe what is meant by the social, environmental and economic impact of a business;
      Discuss ways in which a business addresses their social, environmental and economic impact
      Discuss the two common views of growth, limits to growth, and no limits to growth;
      Describe basic concepts of Earth’s history and ecology;
      Identify key natural resources;
      Recognize the interaction between ecosystem services and human well-being;
      Identify threats to ecosystems from human activities;
      Recognize what factors affect climate change.

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