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Safety and Health in the Technology Classroom for Teachers Free Course

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  • This free online course was built specifically as an aid to teachers of technology subjects to help them in their understanding of safety, health and welfare, particularly within the technology classroom.

  • Upon completion of this course you will be more aware of the risks and hazards in the classroom. You will understand what measures need to be taken to prevent accidents. You will know the safe working practices, safety statement, consultation and conduct of a health and safety audit. This course will help you to plan for fire safety and emergencies. You will learn about first aid, ergonomics, chemical solvents and adhesives, and safety legislation.

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Modules List( 1 )
  • Safety and Health in the Technology Classroom for Teachers
    • Safety and Health in the Technology Classroom for Teachers
    • Lesson 1: Hazards, Risks and Controls
    • What is a Hazard?
    • Risk Measurement
    • Risk Assessment
    • Machinery
    • Safe Work Conditions
    • Summary and Assessment
    • Lesson 2: Safety and Health in the Technology Classroom
    • Safe Working Practices
    • Safety Statement
    • Safety Briefings and Consultation
    • Conducting a Safety and Health Audit
    • Fire Safety and Emergency Planning
    • First Aid
    • Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences
    • Summary and Assessment
    • Lesson 3: Electrical Safety in the Technology Classroom
    • Working Safely with Electricity
    • Electrical Installation Requirements
    • Summary and Assessment
    • Lesson 4: Ergonomics
    • Workstation
    • Laptops
    • Classroom Layout
    • Summary and Assessment
    • Lesson 5: Chemical Solvents and Adhesives
    • Chemical Hazards
    • Handling and Storage Requirements
    • Control Measures
    • Summary and Assessment
    • Lesson 6: Safety and Health Legislation
    • Safety and Health Legislation in the Technology Classroom
    • Role of the Health and Safety Authority
    • Summary and Assessment
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    2-3 Hours

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    Health and Safety Authority

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    50 Pts

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