SAT Math Exam

This course contains sample math problems and explanatory video lessons to help you prepare for the SAT MATH exam.

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This free online SAT math exam course contains a range of sample math problems similar to the ones you will find in your own SAT test. Each year, more than two million students take the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and nearly every college in America uses it as a common objective scale for evaluating a student's college readiness. This course will teach you how to ace your SATS with clear and concise examples and explanations.
SAT Math Exam
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The SAT exam cover three subjects, namely Reading, Writing and Language, and Math. There is also an optional essay. SAT Math is composed of two sections. The first sections - during which you will have no calculator - is 25 minutes in duration and consists of 15 multiple-choice questions and 5 grid-in questions. The second section allows the use of a calculator and is 55 minutes in duration. It has 30 multiple-choice questions and 8 grid-ins, including an Extended Thinking question.

SAT Math covers twenty-four main topics, within four main sections. The first two sections are basic algebra and advanced algebra. The majority of questions on SAT Math will be on algebra and a maximum of 10% of questions will cover geometry and trigonometry. These sections will ask only basic questions on these subjects. This SAT Math practice course provides practice exercises and explanations that will help you solve these types of math questions easily.

Just knowing that algebra, geometry, and trig will be on SAT Math isn't enough; you need to know how questions on each of these subjects are worded in order to become familiar with the SAT and maximize your score. Upon completion of this course, you will have gained a thorough knowledge of all the math concepts that are presented in the SAT exam. This will be a great boost for your preparation, so why wait? Enrol in this course and ace your SAT Math!

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