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Sales Management - Business Ethics and Sales

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Sales Management - Business Ethics and Sales
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  • The free online course Sales Management - Business Ethics and Sales provides information on business ethics and values, understanding behaviour and etiquette in business communications and the theory and practices of consumer behaviour in regard to motivation and sales. The course will be ideal for people working in a sales environment, entrepreneurs or anyone with an interest in sales theory and practice. The course introduces the role of ethics in both business and everyday life and how ethics in selling is vital in business. Company policies and practices encountered in sales are covered such as: conflicts of interest, bribes, and non-compete/non-disclosure clauses. You will learn about the application of ethical behaviour in a business environment and how ethical businesses not only abide by laws and appropriate regulations, they operate honestly, compete fairly, provide a reasonable environment for its employees, and creates partnerships with customers. Next, you will learn about the standard model of communication, based on two parties, the sender and the receiver, exchanging information or ideas. You will also learn about how we use the different types of communication such as: verbal, non-verbal, written and body language. You will gain an understanding of behaviour and etiquette and how they can make the difference in how your customer perceives you and your personal brand. Finally, you are introduced to consumer behaviour, which is the study of consumer patterns that defines how people shop and, more importantly, why they buy. The hierarchy of needs model also explains the difference in what motivates people to buy products and services they need, compared to those they want. You will also gain an understanding of FAB (features, advantages and benefits) and how it is a powerful way to build an emotional connection with a customer. This course will be of great interest to anyone working in a sales related role, and will provide an understanding of the theory and tools needed to drive sales growth in organisations while enhancing both their personal and organisational effectiveness.

  • After completing this course you will be able to:
    - Explain ethics and ethical behaviour in business;
    - Identify how company policies reflect business ethics;
    - Explain the elements of effective business communication;
    - Recognize the implications of different types of verbal and nonverbal communication;
    - Describe the different types of customers;
    - Discuss the implications of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs;
    - Explain the types of buyers and buying situations;
    - List the steps in the buying process;
    - Explain the role of emotion in the buying;
    - Develop your personal FAB message.

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Modules List( 4 )
  • Sales Management - Business Ethics and Sales - Course Resource Documents View Resource
  • Module
    Business Ethics
  • Module
    Effective Communication
    • In this module the main focus is on the elements of effective business communication and how miscommunication can result in confusion and may have a negative impact on business relationships. You will also learn about the appropriate etiquette for business communication. How to make a positive impression and how etiquette can make the difference in how your customer perceives you and your personal brand.
    • Learning Outcomes
    • Communication
    • Behaviour
    • Informational Interviews
    • Lesson Summary
  • Module
    Know Your Customer
    • Module 3 covers the science of consumer behaviour, how retailers study consumer behavior patterns and lay out their stores and merchandise accordingly and explains when you understand the motivation of your customer, how you can customize your solution and your message to meet their needs. The module also focuses on the buying process and the steps that the B2B customer goes through when he/she is making a purchasing decision on behalf of the company and how the process applies whether the buying decision is being made by an individual or by a buying center. You will also gain an understanding of how to bring your personal FAB (feature, advantage, benefit) message into focus.
    • Learning Outcomes
    • Consumer Behaviour
    • The Buying Process
    • Your Personal FAB
    • Lesson Summary
  • Module
    Sales Management - Ethics and Communication Assessment

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