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SA 8000 - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Accountability for Organizations

In this free online course learn the basics of the SA8000 Standard including its criteria and evaluation areas.

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This free online course on SA 8000 explains the basic principles regarding the Standard. You will also be introduced to its management system and the purpose and scope of SA 8000. You will learn the different requirements, explanations, and applications of SA 8000. You will learn about the role of SA 8000 as a Social Audit Framework and also gain knowledge regarding the Social Performance Team (SPT) and documentation. So start learning today!





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In this free online course regarding SA 8000, you will learn the basic fundamentals of the Social Accountability Standard. You will learn its applications, purpose, and scope. You will also be introduced to terms and definitions related to Social Responsibility. Then you will learn all the requirements of the SA 8000 Compliance Audit through a detailed discussion of its nine requirements. You will learn the importance of SA 8000 as a Social Audit Framework.

Moreover, the requirements are explained. You will learn the types of injustices employees can go through and how the organization can counter these acts. The course discusses child labor and provides a definition of it as well as showing how to identify and prevent it from occuring. The course also discusses reasonable working hours and discrimination in the workplace to verify what the Standard is and what to avoid.

If you are seeking to understand the concept, principles and requirements of SA 8000 then look no further, this course will guide you through these areas of the Social Accountability Standard. In a world where focus is placed on turning a profit no matter the cost, it's important to remember how crucial it is for organizations to be socially responsible and accountable. So why wait? Enrol now and start learning these invaluable skills today. 

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