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Risk Management - Managing Property and Liability Risk

Learn more about managing property and liability risk.

Publisher: Saylor Academy
Learn more about managing property and liability risk.
Risk Management - Managing Property and Liability Risk
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The course Risk Management - Managing Property and Liability Risk is the third in a series of Risk Management courses and this course is designed to expand your knowledge and understanding of the risks that property owners are faced with, and the various forms of liability which exist today.

The course begins by describing the range of risks that property owners face, and you will learn about the most common actions taken by risk professionals to mitigate such risks. In the technological world which we now inhabit, property risk is no longer confined to the physical homes that we inhabit and the items which we possess. We now face a much wider range of risks from the use of computers and the Internet. Through the use of case-studies, you will learn about companies who have fallen victim to such risks, and you will then learn about the most effective means of mitigating the risks that we face online. You will also learn about the risks that global corporations face when conducting business across multiple borders and the means by which they mitigate such risks.

The course continues by discussing liability. By examining the nature of liability from a wide range of perspectives, you will gain a greater understanding of how liability is defined and determined. You will examine the major sources of liability that exist within society and the manner by which risk professionals aim to mitigate them.

This online course will be of great interest to professionals working in the area of risk management who would like a greater understanding of managing property and liability risk. The course will also be of interest to small business or property owners who wish to learn more about identifying and mitigating the risks and liabilities that they face on a daily basis.

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