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Psychology: Memory and Cognition

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Psychology: Memory and Cognition
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  • This second course continues the introduction to Psychology. This free learning course approaches the topic from a cognitive angle. This perspective likens the mind to an information-processing computer and uses the computer metaphor to examine complex human functions such as visual perception and memory. This online course is suitable for revising, exam preparation, and for those who often wondered how humans engage in complex mental functions!

  • After completing this course you will gain a good understanding of various aspects of visual perception, including depth perception, psychological factors that affect visual perception and many other concepts. You will learn all about visual illusions. This course will provide you with tips to help you enhance retrieval of memory. You will be able to identify sensory, short-term and long-term memory. Explore the theories on forgetting, such as organic causes. Dr. Jim Lynch will discuss retrograde amnesia, Alzheimer's disease, dementia and memory loss to provide you with information that will greatly improve your understanding of the causes of these conditions.

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