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Principles of Management: Planning and Decision Making

In this free online course on Management Principles, learn to plan and make effective decisions by using best practices.

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This free online course, Principles of Management: Planning and Decision Making, is a pivotal course that aims to introduce you to the topics of Planning and Decision Making. You will learn how good decision-making skills enable you to understand what information you require to make informed decisions and avoid cognitive biases in decision making. Different strategies available to improve group Decision-Making Skills are also discussed.
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This free online course on the Principles of Management: Planning and Decision Making, is a valuable course that aims to introduce you to the topics of planning and decision making. When you consider what management is, planning and decision-making are essential management skills to develop. Every management function involves decision-making of one kind or another at every level. 

Next, you will learn that the quality of a manager’s decision-making skills are scrutinized by all stakeholders, whether they are pleased with the decision or not. This course outlines the pros and cons of decision making in groups and individually. It teaches you how to reduce biases when making decisions and how emotions can play a vital role in the decision-making process. 

Finally, the course outlines how managers make plans that are beneficial to the present and future goals of an organisation. Learners taking this course will gain a better understanding of the different types of planning that businesses use to make strategic decisions. You will learn effective decision-making skills, which will make you better prepared to face challenges. If you are considering a supervisory or management role and are ready for this new and exciting career milestone, why wait? Start this course today!

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