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Think Big and Act Small: Vinod Khosla on Start-Ups Free Course

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  • Vinod Khosla grew up dreaming of being an entrepreneur and in 2004, he formed Khosla Ventures which offers start-up assistance, strategic advice and financial backing to entrepreneurs. The firm helps entrepreneurs extend the potential of their ideas in both traditional areas like the Internet, computing, mobile, and silicon technology, and also supports clean technology areas such as bio-refineries for energy and bio-plastics, solar, battery and other environmentally friendly technologies.

    In this free online course he explains how his ambition in life from a young age was to be an entrepreneur but how he had to learn from failure early on in his career. He explains his business motto of why you should think big and act small. He talks about taking risks and why companies are more successful when they have a mission to change the world. You will learn what areas of investment interest and excite him and why he considers any big problem to be an opportunity. He discusses his views on technology driven entrepreneurship and why social entrepreneurship is so important. In terms of teamwork, he explains how to build strong teams and why great CEOs must build great teams.

    This course will be of great interest to entrepreneurs, business professionals and anyone who wants to learn from the experience and wisdom of a very successful business person.

  • Learning outcomes:
    - Why launching a start-up is not a rational act;
    - How entrepreneurs are more successful when they have a mission to change the world;
    - Learn what areas have the biggest opportunities for investment;
    - Why any big problem is a big opportunity;
    - Explain how to think big and act small;
    - Learn about technology driven entrepreneurship and the growing impact of technology on life, society and the economy;
    - What is the importance of social entrepreneurship;
    - Why it is the team that makes the company;
    - Learn that entrepreneurship is the driving engine of the economy;
    - What are the two emotions that investors have;
    - How you should develop your career and gain deep expertise;
    - Should you get an MBA;
    - Why great CEOs are people who put great teams together.

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Modules List( 2 )
  • Module 1: Think Big & Act Small: Vinod Khosla on Start-Ups
    • Bit by the Entrepreneurship Bug
    • Career: Learning from Failure Early On
    • Taking Risks
    • Build a Company to Change the World
    • Company Building to Change the World
    • Role of VC in Valuation
    • When You Don't Know What You Don't Know
    • Envisioning the Future
    • Any Big Problem is a Big Opportunity
    • Think Big and Act Small
    • Technology as Driver of Change
    • Social Entrepreneurship
    • Strength of a Team
    • Juniper Networks: Customer Feedback
    • Entrepreneurship is the Driving Engine of the Economy
    • Cycles of Fear and Greed
    • Career Development: Go Deep
    • Right Time to Build the Team
    • Great CEOs Build Great Teams
    • To Get an MBA, or Not?
  • Module 2: Thnink Big Act Small Assessment
    • Think Big Act Small Assessment
Topics List ( 1 )
Module 2: Thnink Big Act Small Assessment
You must score 80% or more to pass this assessment.
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