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System Orders in Mechanical Measurement Systems

Learn about the categorization of mechanical measurement systems for system orders in this free online course.

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System Orders in Mechanical Measurement is a free course that teaches you about the categorization of mechanical measurement system instruments and the expected responses from this in measuring accurately. You will learn about step, ramp, impulse and frequency responses as well as the different order systems and frequency plots in graphs.
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System Orders in Mechanical Measurement is a free online course that teaches you the important categorization of mechanical measurement instruments into zero, first-, second- and higher-order systems. This course will equip you with the ability to differentiate between the system orders using their different characteristics, as well as the effects of their various characteristics in conducting accurate quantitative measurements. It begins by introducing you to zero and first-order systems with explanatory examples used in analyzing each response for its relevance in conducting measurements for experiments and research.

This course will also introduce you to second- and higher-order systems, starting with the basics. You will also learn about frequency plots and how to make use of them in analyzing measurement readings.

This free online course provides skills and techniques useful in mechanical measurement systems relevant to conducting accurate measurements for research and experiments. It will be of significant interest to anyone that uses mechanical measurement readings for analysis of scientific theories and their applications in industry.

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