NSDC Course: Food & Beverage Steward

Learn the knowledge and skills necessary to become a talented food and beverage steward.

Food and Beverage
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Learn the knowledge and skills necessary to become a talented food and beverage steward.





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In the years to come, it is expected that several international hotel brands will make their presence in India. This means the domestic hospitality industry is going to be adding millions of jobs in the next few years. The Food and Beverage industry is one of the highest paid industries in the hospitality service sector.

This course NSDC Course: Food & Beverage Steward presents you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a talented food and beverage steward that can deliver top class service to their guests. The food and beverage steward is the face of the establishment and by delivering extraordinary service, the steward can convert a casual guest into a patron and the business could move into the league of “extraordinary customer service providers”.

The course caters for different learning needs by supplying the learner with both text and video based content. You will learn a number of topics to strengthen your abilities as a steward, such as communication with customers, personal hygiene, serving food and beverages, first aid, napkin folds, and many more topics that will enable you to deliver high quality service.

This course will test your knowledge on the content at different intervals to increase your learning before you complete a final graded assessment at the end of the course.

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Icebreaker and Introduction

Program Overview

Setting Ground Rules

Positive Attitude

Creating a Good First Impression


Self Evaluation

Goal Setting

Managing Time

Self Motivation

Handling Conflict Resolution

Interpersonal Skills

Team Dynamics

Dignity Of Labour


Industry introduction

Food and Beverage Introduction - Test Your Learning

Service Equipment




Miscellaneous Tableware

Bar Equipment

Buffet Equipment

Types of Services

What is cover

Napkin Folds

Other Setups

Preparing for service

Welcoming and Seating a Guest

Order Taking – Food and Beverage

Preparation and Setups - Test Your Learning

Service of Water

Service of Alcoholic Beverages

Service of Soup

Service of Dessert

Clearing Crockery and Cutleries


Changing A Dirty Ashtray

Handling Check and Guest Exit

Dealing with Incidents

Handling Complaints

Guests with Special Needs

Service Gear and Service Sequence - Test Your Learning

First Aid

Introduction and Greetings

Know My Workplace

A Walk through my Restaurant

Giving Directions

Safety in the workplace - Test your learning

Waste Disposal

Asking Questions 1

Asking Questions 2

Asking Questions 3

Expressing Thankfulness

The Service ‘No’

Rude vs Polite Expressions

Agreeing - Disagreeing

Giving Suggestions and Recommending

Responding to a Complaint

Complimenting and Praising

Listen Up

Seeking Permission

Mistakes Can Be Erased Easily

Communicating with Guests - Test Your Learning

Co-operation – Key to Team Work

Express Your Hurt Correctly

Conflict Resolution Communication

Accepting Criticism

Giving Criticism

Preparing an Effective Resume


Team Work and Applying for a Job - Test Your Learning

Food and Beverage Steward - Graded Assessment

Handling of Service Gear

Carrying Plates

Carrying A Service Salver

Carrying a Large Tray and tray stand

Carrying Glasses

Cleaning and Polishing Glasses

Service of Non Alcoholic Beverages

Service of Food

Types of Menu

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to: - State the roles and responsibilities of a steward. - Explain the etiquette and courtesies of a steward. - Explain and follow basic rules for maintaining sanitation and safety. - Identify the different types of linen and furniture, chinaware, glassware, flatware, and tableware. - Identify the different equipment used in buffet and bar setups and service. - Describe and prepare different alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. - Differentiate between different menus. - Prepare different napkin folds. - State the activities for briefing, mise-en-scene and mise-en-place. - Welcome and seat a guest. - Write an order for food and beverage as per the procedure. - Carry plates and glasses. - Clean and clear plates and cutlery. - Serve different food courses to guests. - Follow basic safety procedures during emergencies. - and use first aid when necessary.


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