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Microsoft Outlook 2003 Free Course

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  • Learn how to use MS Outlook 2003 with our free Microsoft Outlook course. Microsoft Outlook mail is a very popular e-mail or email application in Microsoft Office. It helps you to organize and share information and to communicate with other people. This free online course shows you how to receive and send e mail from your e-mail account. Outlook also has an excellent Calendar feature, which helps optimize your time.

  • Upon completion of this course you will be easily able to use Microsoft Outlook to send and reply to a message. You will be more aware of security and the main settings of Outlook, allowing you to perform tasks more effectively.

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Modules List( 1 )
  • Microsoft Outlook
    • Introduction
    • Understanding E-Mail
    • Security Considerations
    • First Steps with Electronic Mail
    • Adjusting Basic Settings
    • Summary
    • Quiz
    • Introduction
    • Sending a Message
    • Copying, Moving, and Deleting Text
    • Reading a Message
    • Replying to a Message
    • Summary
    • Quiz
    • Introduction
    • Organising Messages
    • Summary
    • Quiz
    • Introduction
    • Using Address Books
    • Sending Messages to Several Addresses
    • Preparing to print
    • Summary
    • Quiz
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    3-4 Hours

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    Advance Learning

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    50 Pts

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