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Manufacturing Operational Excellence

Learn and develop core competence in quality and operational excellence with this free online course on Alison.

Publisher: Olanab Consults and Others
Equip yourself with this online quality management and manufacturing operational excellence course in which you will learn the different models used to describe and analyse manufacturing systems. Discover various models and techniques that will enable you to build productive and cost-efficient manufacturing systems that create a minimum load on the environment, lower operating costs and create value for customers.
Manufacturing Operational Excellence
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Manufacturing excellence is the continuous improvement of your processes to reduce waste, increase production profitability and gain a competitive edge concerning quality and safety innovation. It starts with executing business strategy more consistently and reliably than your competition. In this course, you will learn how to apply the total quality management (TQM) approach to drive quality excellence within your organisation. You will be able to describe and analyse manufacturing systems against best practices. You will acquire relevant techniques in setting up a world-class quality system.

Next, you will learn the various frameworks, standards, models and techniques that will enable you to build an effective and cost-efficient manufacturing system. This will in turn create a minimum load on the environment, lower risks and operating costs, improve quality and yield to enhance faster delivery, increase profitability and create value for customers. You will also learn to eliminate non-value-added, wasteful activities in manufacturing processes and apply various tools and techniques to drive incremental improvements. You will also have the opportunity to learn to stop the multiple barriers to process and material flow and eliminate process variations to achieve consistent product quality.

Finally, you will examine all the dimensions of quality, Edward Deming’s ‘14 principles of quality’ and transformational management. You will become proficient in developing a working process control plan and applying failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) techniques to problem-solving. This course will significantly benefit students, researchers, quality and operations management professionals, manufacturers, engineers and anyone who wants to understand or improve their knowledge of manufacturing and operational excellence. So wait no more and enrol in this course today!

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