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Managing Health and Safety in Healthcare

Learn about the management of safety and health in healthcare with this free online course.

Publisher: Health and Safety Authority
This free online course, Managing Health and Safety in Healthcare, will teach you about safety management practices, providing an introduction to managing occupational safety and health in a way that is suitable for all healthcare settings. This free online course will teach you about the safety statement, safe systems of work, safety consultation, biological, physical and chemical hazard types and general principles of prevention.
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This free online course begins by providing you with an overview on safety and health as it pertains to healthcare. First, you will learn about the Safety Statement which is a legal requirement for all employers, then you will be learning how safety and health within a healthcare environment are managed and learn that it is based on the principle that safety can be managed because most accidents and ill-health are foreseeable and can usually be prevented.

Furthermore, you will learn about the laws governing the elements of the safety and health management with specific application to healthcare. Next, the course covers healthcare hazards in biological, physical and chemical forms, and how to assess the risks posed by these hazards. This online course will also teach you the procedures for controlling risks and how to deploy the General Principles of Prevention in curtailing risks effectively.

Upon the completion of this online course, you will be able to identify the components and describe the function of a safety statement, recognize the importance of safety consultation in the healthcare environments, learn the laws guiding health and safety management in health care spaces, outline the procedure for assessing and controlling risks, as well as contextualize general preventive principles to specific risks posed by different hazard forms. Sign up for this free online course today and learn how to effectively manage occupational health and safety in a healthcare environment.

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