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Learn How to Build Confidence and Stay Persistent as You Face Obstacles

Discover what's keeping you from being self-assured, and learn to add grit to the mix with this free online course.

Publisher: Martin Meadows
Being unique is not a bad thing. But what if your uniqueness involves avoiding challenges, quickly losing confidence, and lacking determination? It doesn't have to be this way. You will learn what you need to build self-confidence and how to overcome common obstacles. Discover how to be more courageous, but also when it makes sense to quit. This free online course will provide you with direction so you can start your self-development journey.
Learn How to Build Confidence and Stay Persistent as You Face Obstacles
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Did you know self-confidence and self-esteem are closely linked, and both are founded on past experiences and the outlook of future performance? You probably don't realize the full extent to which self-confidence controls your life. Let's change that. The course starts by explaining what self-efficacy is and the different ways it shapes your life. You will study the four main factors that influence self-efficacy. You will also learn how you can use these four factors to improve your self-confidence.

Next, we will explore the fundamentals of grit. We'll help you understand when quitting makes more sense than perseverance. We will then look at typical ways people self-sabotage and the prevalent limiting beliefs they hold. You will also learn the characteristics and mentality of a determined person. This includes an exploration of techniques to be more relentless and avoid impatience.

Finally, you will discover which actions to take and which to avoid in attaining your objective. We will provide you with the tools to transform yourself and create a better future by taking action and applying other concepts from the course. Start this free course now and to get direction, and achieve your goals.

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