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Junior Certificate Project Maths - Higher Level Free Course

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  • This course is for students interested in studying the Project Maths Junior Certificate Higher Level Course in its entirety. This free online course provides students with tutorial videos on all the higher level topics in one location listed by module and topic. In addition, a comprehensive assessment is provided which tests learners on the entire content of the Project Maths Higher Level Syllabus. These topics include Probability and Statistics, Geometry and Trigonometry, Numbers and Shapes and Algebra.

  • After completing this course students will understand and be skilled in the following Junior Certificate Maths topics:
    - Concepts of Probability;
    - Word Probability Problems;
    - Stem and Leaf Plots;
    - Calculating the Mean of Grouped Data;
    - Synthetic Geometry;
    - Right Angled Triangles;
    - Co-Ordinate Geometry;
    - Trigonometrical Ratios;
    - Miscellaneous Trigonometry Questions;
    - Synthetic Geometry;
    - Right Angled Triangles;
    - Co-Ordinate Geometry;
    - Trigonometrical Ratios;
    - Miscellaneous Trigonometry Questions;
    - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of Expressions;
    - Factorisation of Expressions;
    - Word Problems leading to Simultaneous and Quadratic Equations;
    - Equations involving fractions;
    - Solutions of Linear Inequalities.

  • All Alison courses are free to study. To successfully complete a course you must score 80% or higher in each course assessments. Upon successful completion of a course, you can choose to make your achievement formal by purchasing an official Alison Diploma, Certificate or PDF.

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Modules List( 5 )
  • Junior Certificate Strand 1 - Higher Level - Probability and Statistics
    • Arrangements
    • Arrangements and Selections
    • Cumulative Frequency and the Ogive
    • Cumulative Frequency, Quartiles and the Inter-Quartile Range
    • Mean of Grouped Frequency Tables
    • Constructing a Stem and Leaf Diagram
    • Comparative Stem and Leaf Diagram
    • Histograms – Understanding that Area gives Frequency
    • Probability of Simple Events
    • Probability of Compound Events
    • Probability Using Tree Diagrams
  • Junior Certificate Strand 2 - Higher Level - Geometry and Trigonometry
    • Finding Angles With the Sine Ratio
    • Finding Sides With the Sine Ratio
    • Finding Angles With the Cosine Ratio
    • Finding Sides With the Cosine Ratio
    • Finding Angles With the Tangent Ratio
    • Finding Sides With the Tangent Ratio
    • Geometric Reasoning – Part 1
    • Geometric Reasoning – Part 2
    • Geometric Reasoning – Part 3
    • Geometric Reasoning – Part 4
    • Geometry with Co-ordinates
    • Equation of a Straight Line
    • Parallel Lines
    • Perpendicular Lines
    • Pythagoras' Theorem 1
    • Pythagoras' Theorem 2
  • Junior Certificate Strand 3 - Higher Level - Numbers and Shapes
    • Large Numbers in Standard Form
    • Changing Decimals to Standard Form
    • Changing Large Numbers From Standard Form
    • Changing Small Numbers from Standard Form
    • Working with Indices
    • Negative Indices
    • Index Power Equal to 0
    • Positive Fractional Indices All Types
    • Negative Fractional Indices
    • Profit, Markup and Margin
    • Calculating Profit With Special Offers
    • Percentage Loss – Part 1
    • Percentage Loss – Part 2
    • Simple Interest – Calculating the Interest
    • Simple Interest – Calculating the Rate
    • Simple Interest – Calculating the Principal
    • Simple Interest – Calculating the Period
    • Percentage Changes Using Multipliers
    • Reverse Percentages and VAT
    • Introducing Compound Interest
    • Circumference of a Circle
    • Area of a Circle
    • Finding Radius and Diameter of a Circle from its Perimeter
    • Finding Radius and Diameter from Area of a Circle
    • Area of a Trapezium
    • Area of Acute Angled Triangles
    • Area of Obtuse Angled Triangles
    • Area of a Parallelogram
    • Area of Rectangles
    • Area Compound Shapes (Rectangles)
    • Area of Compound Shapes
    • Area of Compound Shapes (Triangles)
  • Junior Certificate Strand 4 - Higher Level - Algebra
    • Rearranging Simple Formulae
    • Rearranging Simple Formulae – 2 Steps
    • Expanding Any Two Brackets
    • Factorising Quadratics
    • Factorising – Difference of Two Squares
    • Equations With Linear Functions in the Denominator
    • Quadratic Equations Both Brackets the Same Sign
    • Quadratic Equations Brackets With Different Signs
    • Quadratic Equations Using the Formula
    • Use of the Discriminant
    • Equations with Indices
    • Simplifying Surds
    • Further Calculations with Surds
    • Solving Simultaneous Equations Graphically
    • Simultaneous Equations Both Negative Signs
    • Simultaneous Equations Negative and Positive Signs
    • Simultaneous Equations Both Positive
    • Solving Linear Inequalities with Fractions
    • Solving Quadratic Inequalities – Method 1
    • Solving Quadratic Inequalities – Method 2
    • Solving Quadratic Inequalities – Method 3
  • Junior Certificate Project Maths - Higher Level Assessment
    • Junior Certificate Project Maths - Higher Level Assessment
Topics List ( 1 )
Junior Certificate Project Maths - Higher Level Assessment
You must score 80% or more to pass this assessment.
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