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Introduction to Modern Project Management Theory and Practice

Gain the skills and knowledge required for effective project management with this free online course.

Publisher: Saylor Academy
This free online Project Management Theory and Practices course will give you a brief overview of the project management knowledge and the skills needed to become a successful project manager. Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques relating to getting projects completed to making sure that complex projects are completed on time, and in budget to client specifications.
Introduction to Modern Project Management Theory and Practice
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This course will first introduce you to project management. You will learn how to identify the effect of organization type on time horizons, compare project management and operations management, and describe the organizational options for managing projects. You will study the necessary operational leadership skills required of a project manager, the tasks performed in a project start-up, and the important knowledge areas of project management. The course will also teach you how to create a project profile.

You will then study the external, technological, and environmental factors that contribute to the complexity of a project. The course will discuss the phases of a project including the types of activities in each phase, the various functions represented on a project, and the influence of the organizational structure on project functions. You will also learn how to design a project organizational chart for various project complexity profiles, as well as analyze a project function for size, organizational complexity, technological newness, and technological familiarity.

This Introduction to Modern Project Management Theory and Practice online course is the first in a series of free courses designed for anyone who wants to learn about modern project management methodologies. By the end of this course, you will have learned the foundations of project management and will have a strong overview of the skills and knowledge you need in order to become a successful project manager. This will be a great kick start for your project management career, so check out the course today and start moving forward.

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