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Introduction to Business and Travel English Language Skills

Improve your English language skills regarding important travel and business topics, with this free English course.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online English language course will teach you the grammar and vocabulary you need to help you communicate effectively with your English-speaking colleages. Today, more and more businesses and organizations conduct their international business operations through the English language. This course will help you improve your English language abilities, particularly for communicating while at work and abroad.
Introduction to Business and Travel English Language Skills
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    1.5-3 Hours
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This course begins by introducing useful vocabulary words that will help you learn English for business and travel. First, you will listen to job interviews that teach how to ask and answer interview questions in English. You will then learn important English vocabulary that you can use when making business telephone calls. To make things easier, the course includes many audio lessons in English so you can practice listening to English conversations.

When traveling for business or pleasure, things are so much easier if you know how to speak English. Why? Because most people working in the travel and tourism industry, and those you meet along the way, will be able to speak English. This ESL business English course will make sure that you can clearly communicate what you need the next time you're in a hotel. You will also learn how to order food, how to reserve a room and check out, and how to ask for transport.

If you are a professional whose work requires you to travel to different countries, don't think twice about taking this Introduction to Business and Travel English Language Skills course. Your travel will become much easier, you'll get rid of that fear of getting lost, and you might even make more friends along the way. So why wait? Start the course now, and in a few short hours your English language skills will be at the next level!

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