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Introduction to Financial Instruments in Economics

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  • A financial instrument is a tradable asset of any kind and they are a key component of the modern financial market system as they allow for efficient flow of capital through the global financial marketplace. In this free online course you will learn how financial institutions package and trade mortgage backed securities in financial markets and how collateralized debt obligations function. You will also learn about credit default swaps and interest rate swaps and their role in financial trading. This course will be of great interest to professionals in the areas of finance, investments and economics and who like to learn more about the function and use of financial instruments, and to all learners who are interested in how financial instruments help the global financial marketplace function.

  • Having completed this course the learner will be able to:
    - Describe how mortgages are packaged into mortgage-backed securities;
    - Describe how financial institutions divide mortgage-backed securities into tranches;
    - Describe how collateralized debt obligations function;
    - Define credit default swaps and their role in the market;
    - Define interest rate swaps and their role in the market

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Introduction to Financial Instruments in Economics
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Modules List( 2 )
  • Module
    Introduction to Financial Instruments in Economics
    • Learn more about financial instruments and how they are used.
    • Financial Instruments - Learning Outcomes
    • Introduction to Financial Instruments
    • Collateralized Debt Obligation - Part 1
    • Collateralized Debt Obligation - Part 2
    • Mortgage-Backed Securities - Part 1
    • Mortgage-Backed Securities - Part 2
    • Mortgage-Backed Securities - Part 3
    • Credit Default Swaps - Part 1
    • Credit Default Swaps - Part 2
    • Credit Default Swaps - Part 3
    • Use Cases for Credit Default Swaps
    • Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction
    • Interest Rate Swap - Part 1
    • Interest Rate Swap - Part 2
    • Lesson Summary
  • Module 2: Financial Instruments Assessment
    • You must score 80% or more to pass this assessment.
    • Financial Instruments Assessment
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